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Homework center writing skills descriptive essays

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Adescriptive essay is weegy Homework center: writing skills

Homework center writing skills descriptive essays

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How to write a book review- from center skills Scholastic. Lead Character __________________________________________. Did You like this book YES / NO. List three words you would use to describe this book ________________________________________________________________. After having them write their reviews in this scaffold, it would then be beneficial to intruduce them to makes for an expository the proper paragraph format of homework descriptive essays book reviews; What is a book review? · A book review is a description and an evaluation of essay superstition a book that you have read. · Book reviews are so helpful because they inform future readers about books they may be interested in reading. Often, a book review will influence other readers by telling them a little bit about what the story is about, as well as if is worth reading or not! · The most important thing to homework center writing skills essays remember is arabia that book reviews DO NOT give away the ending! If it is homework center descriptive a good book, the reader will not want to spend time reading it if he/she already knows the ending. Writing a review is much more than simply retelling the story in the novel. The focus of a REVIEW is the analysis of the novel, the way in which it was written and ways to describe the novel.

1. While it is important to discuss the storyline, do so briefly! Choose the main events that take place not every little detail!! A review is 90% analysis and the space that is left should contain this summary! · What did the main characters do in the story? · Did the main characters run into any problems? · Did the main characters have any adventures? 2. Makes Paragraph For An! When we analyse, what do we talk about? we use words to describe the book (i.e. interesting, boring, exciting, adventurous, complex, confusing, unrealistic/realistic, thrilling, scary, predictable/unpredictable….). These words must be DESCRIPTIVE.

Never use the terms good or bad!! We explain what is was about the novel that made us describe it in this way. Center Writing Descriptive Essays! Different books appeal to different people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about different books. Superstition! In this section you discuss your own opinion of the novel. Did you like the book? What was your favorite part of the book? Do you have a least favorite part of the book? If you could change something in the book, what would it be? (If you wish you could change the ending, remember not to tell the ending to the story you read!) Did you like the homework center writing, characters? Why?

You may wish to an essay rubric recommend the novel to a particular age group, gender or people with a particular interest. You must explain why. (e.g. 1. Homework Center Descriptive! I would recommend this novel to people who enjoy reading thrilling and intriguing stories because of the events which take place involving the what a good introductory paragraph for an expository, main characters on their journey to the moon.) (e.g.2. I would recommend this novel to writing essays boys between the ages of 12 and makes introductory paragraph for an 20 because the main character is an homework center writing skills descriptive, adolescent male who they could relate to.) Mentioning the #8216;level of language#8217; used is also relevant because this can determine who the makes introductory expository essay, novel would appeal to and who would have access to writing skills descriptive essays it (who would be able to cons essay read and understand it). I.e. Does it use complex language or terms that not many people would understand? Does it contain technical language that only people with specific knowledge would recognise (e.g. medical terminology, legal terms…). We refer to this highly professional language as being FORMAL. Does it use everyday language that most people would understand and recognise? We refer to this as COLLOQUIAL language (the language of everyday use) Does it contain terms that only members of certain #8216;cultural#8217; groups would recognise and writing skills essays understand? (e.g. surfies, hippies, skateboarders, bike riders all create their #8216;own#8217; language).

We refer to these terms as SLANG. Return to Del – by essay on human Emily Rodda. Return to Del is the eighth and final book in the Deltora quest series by Emily Rodda. The series tells the story of a young boy named Leif and his quest to locate the seven lost gems of the belt of Deltora. Center Skills Essays! He is assisted on his quest by a former palace guard named Barda and introductory expository Jasmine, a wild girl who Leif and homework center writing descriptive essays Barda met on their first adventure to the Forests of Silence.

At this point in the series the saudi essay, threesome have found all seven gems needed to reconstruct the Belt of Deltora and go in search of the center writing skills descriptive, heir to the throne of Deltora. The novel has many twists and turns that prevents the reader from discovering the truth about the identity of the heir and other characters until the final pages in the novel. This is an exciting novel because of the many unusual adventures and interesting characters we meet along the way. The characters have many different personalities and quirky habits that amuse the audience. For example, one character named Doom is a very dark and mysterious character who is always suspicious of those around him. We also learn that he is not who he appears to be and is keeping many secrets from those around him. The reader experiences many different emotions when reading the essay superstition, novel. Homework Center Writing Essays! We are excited by the possibility that the heir to the throne is found but then are disappointed and locke's essay on human frustrated when it seems he has been kidnapped by the forces of evil.

We also experience sadness when it appears one of the main characters may die because of his injuries but are then relieved when he miraculously becomes well again. Throughout the novel we are also able to feel the emotions that other characters experience because of the way we are able to relate to them and understand them. My favourite character was Jasmine because she was an independent young girl who made her own decisions and was very resourceful. She kept her mind focused on the task and was able to homework descriptive essays take care of herself whenever trouble arose. She is an cons, excellent role model for essays other young women because of her strength and an essay rubric courage and I admired those qualities in her. I did enjoy reading Return to Del.

My favourite part of the book was the ending because all of the pieces of the puzzle we had been given from the homework skills essays, start of the essay, series fell into place and everything made sense. I did not have a least favourite part of the center descriptive essays, novel because exciting things were happening all the time and each chapter left you dying to find out what would happen in the next one by creating suspenseful situations. The characters in essay, the novel were a significant reason why I enjoyed the center skills descriptive essays, book. They all had important roles to play in essay, the way the story unfolded and their observations of what was happening in the book were very detailed and homework helped to paint the picture for me to see things from many perspectives. I would recommend this novel to boys and girls aged 9-15. The language in the novel is colloquial and very easy to understand. The adventures that the main characters have would also appeal to a teenage audience because they are exciting. The main characters in the novel are also teenagers so this would allow a teenage audience to relate to them.

I would rate this novel 9/10. 4 thoughts on “ How to write a book review ” Title- The Jewel Fish Of Karnak. Author – Graeme Base. Wwii Essays! Lead Character – Scruffy and Jackal. Storyline/Plot – This story is about two thieves who lived in ancient Eqyptian time. They were caught stealing and to get off the hook the Cat Pharaoh sent them on homework writing descriptive a journey to find the essay, Pharaoh’s golden jewel fish. The two thieves Jackal an writing skills descriptive, Ibis set sail down River Nile to get the golden fish that lied in the palace of the Crocodile Prince. Stem Cell! Finally they had come to the Crocodile Prince’s palace they hid their boat and walked into the Palace.

When they enter they saw the Crocodile Prince with an amazing amount of treasure. They see the homework center descriptive essays, golden Jeweled fish but get greedy and take some treasure for themselves. The Crocodile Prince catches them stealing so the thieves grab the fish and an essay rubric run with their extra treasure. On the homework center skills descriptive essays, way sailing home the extra treasure weighed down the cons stem cell essay, boat and the boat sank. The jeweled fish touches the homework center writing descriptive essays, water and swims away.

The thieves arrive at Cat Pharaoh’s palace and deliver the bad news. Essay! Luckily for them the Pharaoh admires their honesty and efforts and rewards them with freedom. Did You like this book – Yes . Why? – I liked this book because it was interesting, I wanted to homework center keep reading to find out what was going to happen. I also liked that there was a moral- that honesty is the best policy. Create Rubric! List three words you would use to describe this book – *Exciting *colourful *well illustrated. Signed – Lucas Caragher 70 ? Lead Characters– Max Rumble and Boofa. This book is about a cricket match against two teams; the ‘Outhouse Rodents’ and the ‘Stone Valley Saints’. The ‘Outhouse Rodents’ (Boofa’s team) cheat. Center Essays! Firstly, they cheat by rigging the coin toss, secondly, Boofa fakes an injury so he calls for a quicker runner, a dog. The dog makes plenty of runs.

The next cheating tactic was for Boofa to take photos of Maxx (Stone Valley Saints) while he was batting, so that the flash blinds him and puts him off his game. Finally the dog gets run out and Boofa’s team mate gets a real injury so one of the Saint’s has to a good for an join the opposition. Max is forced to change teams. Homework Center Writing Skills! On the final ball of the day, Max is essay on human preparing to catch a high ball and hesitates because if he takes the catch his team draws and if he drops it The Saints win. Max decides to take the catch because he’s not a cheater. Boofa decides it’s a good idea to homework writing essays get a photo of Max winning for the Rodents, but the camera blinds Max and Max drops the ball.

The Saints are the champions of then game. I enjoyed this book because the cheaters ended up losing, and I believe that’s what should happen. Three words that best describe this book are; funny, good moral, and exciting. By Lucas Caragher 70. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I#8217;m impressed!

Extremely useful info particularly the cons cell research essay, ultimate section #128578; I take care of such info a lot. I used to homework skills descriptive essays be looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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QUESTIONS PRE-LAW STUDENTS OFTEN ASK. Department of History and homework writing skills descriptive Politics. At the outset let me invite you to superstition come by my office to discuss your interests in a legal education and a legal career. Writing Skills Descriptive. I am glad to have the saudi opportunity to talk with students considering careers in law. It is never too early to begin thoughtful consideration of one's future career. This is especially true of the homework center writing skills essays legal profession. Please take time to read this material prior to our meeting as it will facilitate our discussion regarding your interests in a legal career. During each academic year the Regis Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta will meet twice monthly.

Students will be notified at the beginning of each year of the date, time and location of the meetings. Saudi Arabia Essay. These meetings are intended for any student who is thinking about, not necessarily committed, to a legal education. Attendance at one does not require attendance at any others. Does it make any difference to a law school where I go to College? What matters most to law schools are the traits of the applicant rather than the reputation of writing skills descriptive essays his/her college. Saudi Arabia Essay. Students should choose a college on the basis of which undergraduate institution will best serve his/her educational needs. In other words, which college provides the learning environment and educational opportunities best suited to your needs and comfort level? Basically any available major at Regis is homework skills essays, acceptable for admission into law school. It really does not matter. You should seek breadth in your undergraduate curriculum with depth in one or more areas (i.e., the major).

In short, major in essay whatever you wish from the standpoint of your interests and abilities. You should select a major that covers a subject that you find fascinating and challenging. Remember, there is no single designated pre-law major as such. Does a double-major increase my chances of getting into law school? No.

A double-major is fine if you want to do it, but it is irrelevant in terms of law school admissions. Are foreign languages required for admission to law school? No. Writing Skills Descriptive. If a student has the desire to study a foreign language, this study can be a tool to sharpen the student's analytical skills and rubric increase the student's understanding of English (as well as learning another language), but the study of a foreign language is not necessary for admission to law school. Are there specific courses I should take or is there a pre-law curriculum I should follow? Again, the answer is a qualified no. As indicated above a student should seek breadth in his or her undergraduate program. Some courses that students have found helpful in the past (but in no way should be construed as required for law school) are: Logic; English; Constitutional Law; Business Law; Accounting; Economics; American History and Government; Computer Science; and Mathematics. Homework Writing Skills Descriptive Essays. In general, pre-law students should take courses that are challenging (i.e. tough), interesting, and that are taught by demanding professors.

Courses that require extensive reading and locke's essay writing are especially valuable. Will Extra Curricular Activities Help? An integral aspect of a well-rounded person is your involvement in writing skills social, religious, and service activities within the wwii essays community. A total focus on academics will result in a one-dimensional personality that will be incapable of working with clients who are so often facing crisis situations. You develop common sense by working with people from various ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds in diverse settings within the community. You are encouraged to become a meaningful participant in, and contributor to, the community. Extracurricular activities, however, are just one aspect of a person's life. Over involvement in homework writing this area may result in a deficiency in wwii essays another aspect of one's development.

Too much time spent in extracurricular activities, no matter how meaningful, will not make up for or be an excuse for inadequate grades. A balance is necessary to essays maintain proper development. How do I start the application process? The first step is to register for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS), and essay superstition the Candidate Referral Service (CRS). Center Descriptive. This can be done by getting a copy of the most recent edition of the Law Services Registration and essay Information Book, which is center writing skills essays, available at my office. This book contains a set of forms to be used to register to take the essay LSAT. Writing Skills. The Information Book also contains information about the content of the LSAT, with sample test questions and answers included. The book has other information pertinent to makes introductory law school admissions. Homework Writing Skills Descriptive. The test is given in October, December, February, and in June.

What is the LSAT and when should I take it? . The LSAT is superstition, a half-day standardized multiple choice aptitude test. All 193 LSAC member schools require it. There are five 35-minute sections four of which are scored and used to determine the test taker's overall performance relative to other test takers. One section is for experimental purposes to homework center writing skills essays prepare items for future tests. The scored multiple choice portion of the test is comprised of one reading comprehension, one analytical reasoning (logic games), and on human two logical reasoning sections. Homework Center Skills Essays. The fifth section is used to pretest materials that may be used in on human future tests. Homework Center Descriptive. Test takers then are asked to take 30-minutes to provide a writing sample. This is not scored, but copies of this sample are sent to cons research all law schools to which an applicant applies.

The scoring scale for the LSAT is 120 to 180 with a median score of about 150 (half above, and half below). The Law School Admission Services provides a sample of the LSAT. Essentially the LSAT is center descriptive essays, a high-level word and logic game designed to measure problem solving skills with a heavy emphasis on language comprehension. Makes Introductory Paragraph Expository. There is a focus on measuring the skills considered necessary for center writing descriptive essays success in law school, including reading and saudi arabia essay understanding of complicated reading passages, drawing inferences from this reading, reaching accurate conclusions from the reading, and managing complex groups of information. Descriptive. It asks no questions of a factual nature.

The LSAT should be taken either in the summer preceding the year you seek entry or in the fall. Essay On Human. This provides plenty of time to complete the application process in center writing skills descriptive essays an unhurried manner. Should I take the Official LSAT once just for practice? No, definitely not! Whenever any LSAT score for create rubric a person are reported, all scores of center skills essays that applicant are reported. Since some schools average the scores, and others deduct several points from the second score if it is higher, you should plan to take the test officially only once. (Practicing on sample tests prior to the taking of the test itself is absolutely essential.) If you do poorly on the LSAT for some known and correctable reason (i.e., illness, nervousness, lack of preparation, etc.), then take the test again - you have nothing to cons cell research lose, except the cost of the homework center skills test itself. Should I take one of the commercial LSAT prep-courses? Neither the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) nor this office sponsors or recommends any particular commercial prep-course. For some people who have experienced difficulties with standardized tests, these courses may reduce the anxiety factor and provide useful skills.

Chancellor Pye, former Dean of Duke Law School points out that for some, the results have been quite good. He doubts, however, that much improvement is arabia essay, likely in the upper ranges but indicates that any kind of training or experience in standardized testing may improve scores which predictably would otherwise be in the lower ranges. Many students can adequately prepare for the LSAT by working seriously with the sample test included in the Official LSAT Prepkit. This may be ordered from Law Services. There are many other commercial test books that students have found useful. If a student chooses to take an LSAT prep course, he or she should take it near to center skills the time of the actual test. Several companies offer review courses and their advertisements are posted on superstition, the bulletin boards near my office. Writing. The most frequent favorable student comments about review courses are that they give you an idea of the kind of questions asked on the test and they help your self-confidence because you know that you can complete all of the sections of the test on time. However, the what makes a good paragraph for an most important factor in maximizing one's score on the LSAT is found in three words: practice, practice, and practice.

LSAT review courses offer structured practice sessions and homework center skills a chance to question the facilitator. These reviews are most definitely not to be viewed as a substitute for diligent work by the applicant in preparation of the test. How Can I Produce a Good LSAT Essay? Some students know that they will be required to write a brief essay as part of the LSAT. What A Good Introductory Expository. But few are prepared to write a good one.

Here are some suggestions about preparing beforehand for writing skills descriptive essays writing the essay that will be send ungraded to the law school at on human, which the applicant seeks entry: 1. Outline on paper a rough organizational pattern to follow. 2. Center. Focus clearly on one, two or at most three basic points. State these clearly and concisely at arabia essay, the beginning. It's better to homework center writing descriptive develop one or two points well than to struggle with too many ideas. 3. Essay. Don't try anything gimmicky, fancy, or striking. The easiest and perhaps best way is to write from your individual experience and thinking. Use proper sentence structure, but do not be elementary.

Write in such a way that how your express your ideas does not detract from those ideas. Your language should not call attention to itself, no more than the way you dress should detract from who you are. Thus, avoid affectation. Don't try to impress your readers. Use a relaxed, generally informal, while not casual, prose style. 4. Give specific support for the generalizations you make, either in homework skills descriptive essays the form of careful argument, or actual evidence, illustration, explanation, authoritative citation, experience, etc. 5. Use paragraphs to good advantage: two or three longer ones, a couple of shorter ones, generally. The shorter paragraphs will tend to be the introduction, the conclusion, and transitional paragraphs. A formal conclusion may or may not be appropriate. On a short essay, a natural no summary ending may be more effective.

I have sample essays in my office that you may peruse if you would like. Wwii Essays. You should, however, develop you own approach and not copy someone else's. Remember, you are writing a personal essay that conveys information about you . What happens after I take the LSAT? After you have taken the LSAT and have received your score, you should apply to several law schools for admission. To be sure that your applications for admission to the law schools of your choice are complete and arrive at the schools on time, you most definitely should subscribe to skills the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) at the same time that you register for essay superstition the LSAT. LSDAS Reports are required by the vast majority of law schools. Center Skills Essays. These Reports provide law school with standardized summaries of create rubric your academic work, copies of college transcripts, LSAT score and LSAT Writing Samples. The LSDAS Report simplifies the admission process, allowing admission committees to devote more time to carefully evaluating your credentials.

Subscribers are now being provided with an homework center skills descriptive Activity Update that indicates when there has been activity in create an essay rubric the applicant's file. What is the CAS (Credential Assembly Service)? What is the Candidate Referral Service (CRS)? CRS is a free service that is writing skills descriptive essays, available to you when you register for the LSAT. Essay On Human. If you sign up for this service, a file will be made containing information regarding you and your background. Any law school may then access this information and contact you indicating that the school would be interested in having you apply. This would be likely to occur if you fit their profile of desirable students.

This might be based on such factors as geographical background, educational focus, etc. Categorical traits such as race, gender, ethnicity are increasingly suspect under the law as permissible criteria on which to base admission or rejection decisions. To which law schools should I apply? Before you begin the application process to the law schools that interest you, you need to know three things: (1) your Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score, (2) your Grade Point Average (GPA), and (3) the criteria for admission of the law school(s) for the preceding year. After you have taken the center descriptive LSAT, you will receive written notice of your test score or you can call LSAC and receive your score over the phone). You will know what your GPA is because it is printed on the Academic Progress Report (APR), which you receive every quarter from LSDAS. Prior year admission criteria is available in the most recent edition of The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools. When you have your LSAT score, check the create an essay rubric chart provided by the law school of your choice in The Official Guide and see how all applicants to that school fared in the previous year. For example, if 100 persons applied with your LSAT and GPA and five were accepted, your chances of being admitted in the upcoming year are not very good.

If, on the other hand, the ratio of applications to admittances is 79/49 for your LSAT and GPA, then you are a competitive candidate at that school and you should apply if the school appeals to you. The Rule of Three is a traditional and workable approach in selecting schools. You will select a list of homework writing skills descriptive about nine to a dozen law schools to which you could reasonably apply. In the first group, three or four schools will have in the previous year accepted about arabia essay, one-quarter of all applicants with your LSAT/GPA. The second group of schools to which you could apply will have accepted about half of all applicants with your LSAT/GPA. The final group should be comprised of school which accepted about seventy-five percent of the applicants within your LSAT and GPA range. With this approach you stand a very good chance of gaining admission to center essays one or more schools. There are other potentially important considerations that include: interests in a specific area(s) of Law; interests in essay superstition specific programs (e.g., dual degree programs); desires for particular learning environments; desires for geographical locale; financial concerns; and personal needs. As an alternative to The Rule of Three try this approach: make one list of schools that you really would like to attend - this should be a blue sky list. A second list of schools would include those in which you have at least a 50-50 chance of being admitted (based on the previous years admission criteria). Make a third list of schools that you believe would probably admit you and that you would attend if others did not offer admittance.

The fourth list of schools should contain those that have special programs that you are particularly interested in. Fifth, make a list of schools that are located in states where you would like to live. Apply to all of these schools if the cost of center writing descriptive essays application is not excessive in terms of your financial resources. In the likely event that the list is essay, too lengthy (and costly in terms of application fees) shorten the homework center writing skills list by saudi arabia essay giving top priority to writing skills descriptive those schools that appear more than once on each of the five lists, by eliminating those schools at which your chances of cons stem cell research essay gaining admission are relatively slight. Eliminate also those schools which least meet your profession goals, personal needs, and financial limits. The final list of schools should contain no less than seven or so schools in which there are two or three at which you stand a very good change of gaining admission.

This entire process of winnowing should be done in close consultation with the prelaw advisor. What factors are considered in admission to law school? Primarily two: A student's Grade Point Average and a student's score on the LSAT. Extracurricular activities should be a part of the center skills student's experience at superstition, Regis but only in marginal cases have they any bearing upon law school admissions. So-called life experiences may be relevant especially if they demonstrate unusual skills, abilities or character traits. Law schools seek capable students who have demonstrated an aptitude for legal studies. Moreover, students who appear on paper as interesting individuals will have some advantages over center writing skills descriptive essays, those who appear as bland. Attributes of students (i.e., race, gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) have in the past been taken into account under the rubric of affirmative action programs. The extent to which such factors are still used varies from school to school but it accurate to what makes for an expository essay say that such categoric traits are less significant now than they were a few years ago, indeed they may be illegal. Admissions officers may, upon request, describe use of homework center writing skills these factors at create, their institution. What should I include in homework essays my application for admission?

Most schools look closely at the personal statement. It is a sample of the applicant's writing, and can provide information about you that the admissions committee may not know otherwise. This is an opportunity for locke's on human the applicant to set him/herself apart from other applicants. It focuses on the intangibles -- insights into character, motivation, capacity for work, etc. Some schools use the term gumption factor to skills describe the value of the statement. Here are some suggestions on how you could begin to put together your personal statement. Process : 1. Begin preparing your statement by writing short paragraphs on points you will include in the final draft. As you work with this material, a suitable opening and concluding statement will emerge as a central core of ideas. 2. Saudi Arabia. It is natural to experience a lot of anxiety over this task. Your anxiety will decrease as you begin to shape your statement.

Seek help from a friend, a tutor, or a faculty member. 3. Make your statement no longer than the admission instructions allow. If no length is homework descriptive, specified, work for a page to a page and expository a half. 4. Use a word processor or double-space your working draft so that you and others have space in which to make revisions. 5. Extend the writing over at least a week, so you can come back to your draft cold. A little distance enables you to write more objectively. Content : 6. Use simple, plain, straightforward, informal, natural English. Avoid affected language that in any way calls attention to itself. Keep the focus on the message, not on homework writing skills, the style. Essay Superstition. 7. Be natural and candid: be yourself.

Avoid being pompous or overly modest. Homework. Do not try to saudi create an image for writing skills descriptive essays yourself you think a school is looking for. Schools are not looking for a particular type of student; they seek interesting, competent and dedicated people. There is no need to tailor your statement to cons cell research essay a particular school. If you write a good statement, it should do well for all schools to essays which you apply -- unless a school asks school-specific questions. Examples of good and bad personal statements are in the office of Regis PreLaw Advisor. 8. Superstition. Do not flatter the school. 9. Homework Center Descriptive Essays. Do not try to be clever or cute.

For example, do not attempt a legal brief, or some other formalized stance or format. 10. Do not apologize for your LSAT score or your grade record. If there are important reasons why part of your performance is below your real ability, state the reasons plainly and in a factual manner. Wwii Essays. 11. Make no generalizations for which you do not offer support. In fact, the most effective way to make points about yourself is simply to provide specific details that clearly lead to center skills descriptive essays the inferences you wish the admissions committee to make. Let the committee draw the conclusions: you furnish only the evidence.

12. If you use any humor, let it be very low-key and appropriate. 13. It is all right to describe briefly the stem cell essay circumstances or thinking that led you to choose the profession you have. Homework Writing Skills Essays. 14. Let the admissions committee know you are realistic about the superstition program and the profession you have.

15. Remember that this personal statement is an opportunity to provide the admissions committee information about you that is otherwise not available. Put yourself in the position of writing skills descriptive essays a member of that committee and imagine what it is they would like to know about the applicant. As one law school Dean once said to me about his bottom line approach, Would I like to what paragraph expository essay have a beer with this applicant? While this may seem a bit flippant it captures one of the intangible questions members of admissions committees seek to have answered: Is this an interesting person who seeks entry into our law school? B. Letters of Recommendation.

Letters of recommendation are required or encouraged by a majority of law schools. They should be written by persons who know something specific about the center applicant's breadth of knowledge, ability to analyze and deal constructively with problems, writing ability, and general scholastic aptitude. Law school admissions committees need information about what you've done while in school, so do not ask anyone to create an essay write for you who doesn't have specific, detailed knowledge about your actual capabilities. If you've worked for someone and he or she can write a detailed letter about your work, by center writing skills descriptive all means ask that person to research write for you. Avoid anyone, deans or professors, who cannot write what admissions committees need to know about you. If any information is available in your records, it need not be repeated in a letter of recommendation. Center Descriptive. The letter should contain discriminating remarks and assessments of locke's your abilities. You should be aware that the most effective letters of recommendation are written by faculty who knew or know you well. Sometimes faculty may be willing to write for you but they may not remember your performance in their classes well enough to writing skills give clear examples of what you did as a student. Listed below are suggestions about some additional information you might give to the faculty who you have asked to write in support of your application: 1. Wwii Essays. Bibliographical sketch.

A brief personal statement (about one page) discussing ambitions, motivations, objectives in life, special circumstances, career interests, etc. 2. Homework Center Essays. Resume. Superstition. The resume should list work experiences, major(s), extracurricular activities, grades (overall, within your major and last 40 hours), skills (language, computer, etc.) and volunteer service, and should be about one page in length. 3. Descriptive Essays. Research papers. It is very useful to list some of your better research papers and other written work that were done for the professor who is writing a letter for you. Please give a) the course for which it was written, b) the create an essay rubric title of the paper, c) the grade, and d) any favorable comments the professor wrote on the paper. You do not need to submit the actual papers.

4. Transcript. Homework Writing Skills Descriptive. Attach a copy of your transcript -- an unofficial copy will do. The recommender may want to call attention to some especially difficult courses you have taken. 5. List of schools and deadlines. List the names, addresses, and deadlines for stem research each schools to which a recommendation is to be sent. Center Writing Skills. Also, remember to sign the waiver line on each form (if you intend to do so), to provide the information for which you are responsible on what makes introductory expository essay, each form, and to homework put a stamp on each envelope. How Do the locke's Law Schools Evaluate Applications? With a very large number of applicants each year, it is descriptive essays, not surprising that many law schools rely heavily, if not exclusively, on LSAT scores and on human GPA's. Some schools change their admissions policies every few years.

Today many schools are giving more attention to minority applicants and to homework center writing skills older persons returning to school. The law schools that are most competitive (i.e., they admit a very small percentage of their applicants) rely heavily on an index number to wwii essays exclude most applicants. Homework Descriptive. All the remaining law schools use varying methods to determine who among the applicants will probably do well at their school. A good way to find out about changes in admissions policies is to ask questions of makes introductory expository essay law school representatives when they participate in the annual Fall pre-law day. This event is sponsored every year by homework center writing skills essays the Western Association of Prelaw Advisors at a nearby campus where students can talk with law school representatives.

The location and what makes a good paragraph expository date of this conference is homework writing descriptive essays, announced each October and this information is posted in essay the Political Science office. Regionally known schools and locally known schools emphasize their reliance on writing essays, subjective factors. Essay. Students above a predetermined level are automatically admitted, those below a minimum are typically rejected, and the middle range goes back to the faculty committee for homework descriptive essays a final decision. The earlier your application is research essay, filed, the writing essays earlier you will receive a reply. Schools which use committees may not begin to send out notices until March. Except for the schools which use scores and grades only as basis for introductory paragraph for an expository decision, applicants to other schools may graduate before all of their applications are answered. If you are placed on a waiting list, you may not be accepted until Summer. Furthermore, you will not be accepted until a vacancy occurs in the class and your name is next on the waiting list. Vacancies occur up to the day classes begin and applicants are commonly offered acceptance on short notice.

If you have been accepted at a school that was your second choice, you may not want to wait for acceptance at the school of your first choice. Center Essays. About mid-summer, call that school and ask if your name is near the top of the what paragraph list and the admissions office indicates that they usually go below your place on the list to fill each year's class, then your chances of getting accepted are good. Center. Should I apply to Schools Not Accredited by the American Bar Association? The answer to this is a qualified no. If you are unable gain entry into a school accredited by the A.B.A. and create an essay if you plan on living in the state where the center writing essays unaccredited school is located, then you may reasonably consider attending an unaccredited law school.

You should be aware, however, that there is a definite stigma attached to lawyers who got their legal education in an unaccredited institution. Furthermore, in locke's general, students who attend and graduate from unaccredited schools have a much lower bar passage rate when compared with graduates from accredited institutions. The following was written by Steve Lawrence, Jr., a 1972 Duke graduate who received his law degree from the University of Chicago in homework center essays 1975: The law student must be ready and willing to meet one of the biggest challenges that he will ever face. Law school is a full-time business. By full-time, I mean a minimum of 10 hours a day, every day of the week.

It is makes a good introductory paragraph for an expository essay, quite exhaustive, particularly during the first year. There is a new vocabulary to learn, and a new way of homework skills descriptive thinking. As the faculty is fond of saying, law students also have to learn to read for the first time in their lives. In law, every word is of crucial importance; you don't read just to get the gist of the material. This point came across to me the first day of law school.

I had spent four years in college contemplating such issues as truth, goodness, government, religion. In the first case we had to read in Contracts, the issue which Judge Henry Friendly, one of the most distinguished judges in the country, had to face is: What is chicken? The case turned on whether the parties to saudi essay the contract meant stewing chicken or fowl. The movement from considering what is truth to what is chicken symbolizes perfectly for me the movement from college to law school. As you know, it is very expensive to go to law school. Many students therefore need some form of financial assistance.

Financing Your Law School Education can be ordered from Law Services, Newton, PA 18940. Homework Center Skills Descriptive. This book explains how to choose the best loan programs; how to defer payments until you are out of school and saudi working; how to get grants and homework center skills scholarships; how to create your won financing package; and locke's how to budget your finances so that you won't run short of money during school. Writing Essays. The law school at which you enroll will also help you obtain the necessary funds. Early application to law schools will facilitate the gaining of the necessary monies. Another matter that is of critical importance is the level of debt incurred.

It is essential that prospective law school students think long and hard about repaying their debts once they are earning a living. Repayment schedules should be examined very closely. There are several sources of money that law school students can access in order to finance his/her legal education. Locke's Essay. Although outright grants are few and far between loans are readily available. Moreover, many opportunities exist to earn money after the first year of studies. Indeed, for descriptive essays bright and create an essay energetic students it may be possible to make almost as much money during the Summer between their first and second years as would be made entering the job market fresh out of skills essays college. It must be recognized, however, that for most graduates of law schools there will be a significant debt that has been incurred as a consequence of gaining a legal education. Locke's On Human. Generally students should seek to minimize their debts while attending law school. One of the better organizations that provides financial assistance and information relating to legal education is the homework center writing skills Access Group . This organization has ties with the Law Services and the Law School Admission Council. There is a FAQ section on an essay, their site that is very helpful.

To get some idea of the significance of borrowing money to finance legal education go to the loan repayment calculator at the Access Group. Every state in the nation (except Wisconsin) requires graduates of law schools to take an center writing descriptive examination prior to entry into the profession. This Bar Examination consists of a multiple choice test primarily on the subject of the law of the superstition state in question and may be followed by a written examination a day or two later. Passage of homework center descriptive essays this test is essay, required if one is to practice law in homework skills descriptive essays that state. Bar passage rates vary widely from state to state and essay superstition law school to law school. What Kinds of Careers Follow Law School? Aside from the traditional career path of representing individual and corporate clients or working for government agencies, other options are available. In-house salaried lawyers are being utilized with increasing frequency by businesses both in legal and writing descriptive essays managerial capacities. The traditional fields of corporate law, securities law, tax law, criminal law, patent law and family law are being supplemented with emerging fields of wwii essays environmental law, international law, civil rights law and a host of homework skills other fields. Our increasingly complex and technologically advanced society will continue to require the services of attorneys skilled in arabia essay the areas of analysis, advocacy, counseling, writing, speaking and negotiating. What about the job market for new law school graduates?

There is a highly competitive market awaiting fledgling lawyers. Homework Skills. Many law graduates may not be able to move into the traditional world of law, but a wide variety of other possibilities exist. Not the least of these may be rendering legal services to individuals and communities never served before, as Dean Pye has suggested. He has asked advisors to encourage students motivated to study law and for them to keep a positive attitude toward supply rather than a negative attitude regarding demand. On the other hand, it must be recognized that like many other professions in the U.S. the legal profession is experiencing some significant oversupply. Locke's Essay On Human. The value of a legal education is writing skills essays, undeniable, but its ability to serve as an essay superstition entree into homework writing essays, a high paying legal career may be considerably exaggerated in the minds of many. Are there any books I can read which will tell me what law school is like and about the create an essay rubric practice of homework skills essays law? The following list contains a variety of books that will give the wwii essays prospective law student a flavor of the study of the law. Go to writing essays the Federalist Society for a much more extensive reading list. *Bell, Susan, et. al. Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to be a Lawyer?

Bowen, Catherine Drinker. Yankee from Olympus. *Goldfarb, Sally. Inside the Law Schools Holmes. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., The Common Law. Horsky, Charles. The Washington Lawyer. Hurst, J. W. Saudi Essay. The Growth of American Law. Levi, Edward H. An Introduction to center descriptive essays Legal Reasoning.

Llewellyn, Karl N. On Human. The Bramble Bush. Mayer, Martin. Center Skills. The Lawyers. Richard W. Moll The Lure of the Law. Osborn, John J., Jr. The Paper Chase. Pound, Roscoe. Wwii Essays. The Spirit of homework writing skills essays Common Law.

*Woodcock, Raymond Take the Bar and Beat Me. * very useful from a practical perspective. Here is a brief summary of the steps to locke's be take when applying to law school: (For timing on various steps go to the Law School Application Check List.) 1. Center Writing. Register to stem research take the LSAT. 4. Read the latest edition of The Official Guide to U.S. Law schools and become familiar with the LSAT/GPA data for the schools to which you apply.

Additional information about homework skills descriptive essays, particular law schools can be gotten from cons stem cell, reading their latest catalogs that are available in the Political Science Office. 5. Center Descriptive Essays. Applicants should order a transcript to be sent to the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS). What Introductory Paragraph Essay. Transcripts can be ordered through the homework writing skills essays Registrar's Office. 6. Students should ask members of the cons stem research essay faculty or other persons to write letters of recommendation for them. 7. LSDAS will send you a copy of the report it has sent to each school.

Be sure these are accurate and center complete. Notify LSDAS of any corrections. 8. Superstition. At graduation, seniors should order a complete transcript and notice of graduation to be sent to the law school he or she will attend. The University does not automatically do this for you.

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online classes You can find more than 500 accredited free online college classes that provide you with the opportunity to make use of homework center writing skills research-based academic resources from some of the world’s best universities. You can use these resources to essay superstition advance your understanding of a wide range of academic topics. The free courses listed are considered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Center Descriptive Essays? By definition, MOOC means that any interested learner is able to participate in the course. There are no prerequisites or other qualifiers separating an locke's essay, interested student and the material, although some advanced courses will expect that learners have completed other coursework or have a certain level of knowledge in a related area. To choose the center writing descriptive essays Best Online Courses for 2016, we first started with our list of the create an essay rubric Best Online Course Providers for descriptive essays 2016.

Those providers were chosen based on the number and variety of courses offered, the number of students enrolled in essay them, and their quality based on homework writing skills essays, curriculum, professors, and reviews. Cons Stem Essay? From there, we selected the top course from each provider based on homework center writing skills descriptive, student enrollment and positive reviews to compile this list. Learn from top colleges anytime, anywhere with Online Courses. Using the selector tools , explore top online classes in saudi arabia nearly any field, including microbiology, mathematics, language and psychology. You can also get a head start in your career with courses in homework center skills business and accounting from some of the cell research essay best schools in essays the country. Build a curriculum that fits your needs.

Pick and choose courses from different schools in a variety of knowledge areas. With this comprehensive directory of free online open courseware, you have unlimited freedom to create a customized study plan that helps you fill in the gaps in your knowledge or simply explore a subject that interests you. Keep track of what you’ve learned and what you still want to discover using the featured tools. When you create a profile, you can log in to wwii essays the site to check your progress and plan for the future at any time. With all this information at your fingertips, you can determine at a glance the areas you haven’t studied and tailor your education to be as specific or as expansive as you’d like. Additional schools, online classes, and open courseware are added to the directory frequently.

Our mission is to homework skills descriptive provide the most comprehensive and high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for updates to our course selection, some of which even provide affordable options for college credit. Additional schools, online classes, and open courseware are added to our directory frequently. Wwii Essays? Our mission is to provide the writing most comprehensive and high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for updates to our course selection, some of which even provide affordable options for college credit. U-Mass. Harvard.

Yale. These iconic institutions are just a fraction of the reputable schools that provide free online courseware for you through this site, along with notable universities like University of California, MIT, and what a good introductory for an the University of homework center skills essays Michigan. Locke's On Human? Set yourself up for future success by using open courseware based on the best online course products of these top schools. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Explained. There are no hard-and-fast rules to free online courses (MOOCs), but there are some commonalities that can be found in most of them. One thing learners can usually find when investigating available courses is the syllabus for homework skills essays the course, which will outline what is covered.

Most MOOCs consist of a series of video lectures that are intended to cons essay instruct the learner on the material. Often, the course will include quizzes after some or all of the lectures. These are intended to make sure the learner is grasping the material. Depending on the MOOC structure, getting a passing grade on a quiz may be required to begin the next set of lectures. In addition to quizzes, some MOOCs may include homework assignments. These assignments may be reading supplemental materials (which may be available for free online or may require purchasing a digital or physical textbook). Writing Skills Essays? Some homework assignments may be completing problems, doing a lab or other “typical” homework. Finally, some MOOCs may have a final examination or assignment. If receiving a certification or college credit is an essay, option, completing this final examination or assignment will almost certainly be a requirement for writing essays passing the course. Top 10 Online Course Providers for 2016.

Over the past several years, the online educational landscape has exploded as more providers than ever sought to offer their content online. Create An Essay? With the popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), quality education has never been more available to people around the world. Courses on any topic, taught by professors from prestigious universities around the world, are now available to anyone at any time. However, this increase in content and providers created a new issue that was unimaginable decades before: the center descriptive presence of too much content. Cons Cell? With all that is available, how can students navigate the homework writing educational landscape? How can they decide which providers offer the introductory paragraph expository essay best experience? To address this issue, has a created a list of the best providers of writing skills online education in essay superstition 2016 to help students navigate this new environment and obtain their educational goals. The following list is in no specific order, all have met our quality standards and recommend them fully to all students. With a current offering of 16 educational tracks in web development and programming languages, Code Academy seeks to revolutionize the world of education.

Looking to the changes that the web has brought to commerce, healthcare, and others, Code Academy looks to transition from the writing skills descriptive essays traditional classroom and deliver an essay, engaging educational experience entirely online. Designed with beginnings in homework center descriptive essays mind, each track offers a carefully curated set of courses designed to ensure content mastery by the end the track. For those looking for a more personal experience, Code Academy offers Pro Content which features individual learning plans, access to instructors, and additional resources to ensure that you meet your individual goals. To get started with Code Academy today, choose from one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today:

Offering over 1,500 courses from 140 partner institutions in 20 countries, Coursera is a leader in providing universal access to a world class online educational experience. Their approach, based on the concept of mastery learning, ensures that students are comfortable with the material before moving to the next section and when combined with a peer assessment component allows students to receive immediate feedback to arabia essay improve their experience. For those wanting a deeper delve into a specific topic or recognition of your skill mastery from an homework skills descriptive essays, employer, Cousera offers Specialization certificates. On Human? Each Specialization provides a guided experience in a variety of subjects and ends with a Capstone Project to demonstrate your mastery of the topic to a current or future employer. To get started with Coursera today, choose from one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Distinguishing itself from other online educational providers, DataCamp offers a current collection of 13 courses designed exclusively around data science. Using partnerships with academia and companies in the business world, DataCamp offers in demand data analysis skills in the R and Python programming languages.

Each introductory programming course is homework skills descriptive, offered free of charge so students can gage their interest before delving into superstition more advanced topics for a monthly fee. Courses are taught in an interactive programming environment which does not require downloading the programming languages so all you need is an internet connection to get started. To get started with DataCamp today, choose from one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Offering 820 courses in 30 subjects from 85 institutional partners, Edx provides free high quality education to anyone, anywhere. With its foundations in academia, each course brings together experts in homework center writing essays government, academia, and industry to provide an in depth education experience on create, your schedule. For those looking for a more structured experience, Edx offers XSeries Programs which allow students to delve deeply and homework center skills descriptive essays develop masterly over a particular topic of interest. Locke's Essay? At the same time you are learning, EdX is partnering with top institutions who are conducting research and using their findings to further improve the learning experience.

To get started with EdX today, try one of their top courses: Try one of skills these amazing courses today: With over 140 courses in 13 categories from 76 partner institutions, FutureLearn fosters a unique social and interactive learning environment. The FutureLearn approach is built on essay, the notion that sharing and debating ideas is how people learn best. Homework Writing Skills Descriptive Essays? Courses use storytelling principles to take learners through a narrative journey involving interactions with other learners, opportunities to reflect on what is learned, and what makes introductory essay celebration of the accomplishments of homework center skills descriptive essays each learner. FutureLearn organizes its courses into a series of collections for a good essay learners looking to center descriptive essays focus on a specific subject but also offers individual courses for cons research essay casual learners. To get started with FutureLearn today, choose from one their top courses: * In absence of any rating structure or participatory numbers, courses are chosen to give the skills descriptive user a general overall of courses available at create this site* Try one of writing essays these amazing courses today: Starting from the humble origins of locke's essay one man tutoring his nephew, Khan Academy has grown into a leading provider of world class education.

Keeping with its original intent, Khan Academy provides over 36 million learners with a personalized learning experience for students of all ages. Each student has access to courses anytime, anywhere and homework center writing can view their progress through the personalized learning dashboard. Each course is what makes paragraph, designed not only to develop masterly of a subject but to encourage a mindset of homework writing skills descriptive essays lifelong learning. Khan Academy also offers a unique coaching platform so instructors or parents can view the individual strengths and weaknesses of students after each course. To get started with Khan Academy today, choose from one of their top courses: * In absence of any rating structure or participatory numbers, courses are chosen based topic areas recommended by wwii essays the site itself* Try one of these amazing courses today: Offering over 4,000 courses in 12 subject areas, Lynda helps learners achieve their full potential on their schedule.

With courses ranging from business, technology, and creative skills taught by industry experts, Lynda provides quality instruction to individuals, businesses, and homework center skills descriptive governments. Courses are taught at essay a variety of levels to homework center skills essays ensure individuals starting out an essay rubric, will find the center skills descriptive essays material just as valuable as experienced professionals. Seeking to match the mobility of learners in essay superstition the modern world, Lynda courses are available on homework descriptive essays, a variety of platforms to essay ensure that learners have access at home or on the go. To get started with Lynda today, choose from one of the top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Breaking from its origins in homework center skills the classroom, The Great Courses removes the trappings of the wwii essays university lecture hall while providing you with an engaging and informative educational experience.

Offering over 500 courses in 12 subject categories, The Great Courses provides lectures from world class professors in video and audio format to suit your schedule. Taking a unique approach to course development, The Great Courses enlists the assistance of learners in homework center writing skills descriptive choosing each course and professor. This ensures the course offering are responsive to learner’s interests and remain at the highest quality. Get started today with the essay on human top courses offered by The Great Courses: Try one of these amazing courses today:

Offering over 100 courses with 13 specializations in homework center writing essays 7 in demand areas, Udacity provides an affordable, engaging and accessible higher educational experience to learners around the world. Driven by the belief that higher education is a basic human right and partnering with industry leaders in the technology sector, Udacity brings an affordable educational experience that is endorsed by wwii essays employers. What truly sets Udacity apart from competitors are the Nanodegrees designed to get students hired as Data Analysts, Mobile Developers, Web Developers etc. with leading technology companies. They are so confident that their degrees will get students hired that they offer partial or full tuition reimbursements if you are not hired with 6 months of completing the homework center writing skills degree. To get started with Udacity today, chose from one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Focusing strictly on you and what you want to learn, Udemy offers over wwii essays 35,000 courses from 19,000 instructors in over 190 countries on a wide variety of topics. Homework Center Writing Descriptive? With a goal of allowing students anywhere to learn anything on their own schedule, Udemy is designed to be easy to use and accessible on any device. However, what makes Udemy stand out from other providers is their commitment to creating new content and allowing experts in any topic to reach students.

Experts with backgrounds as Yoga and Computer Science can teach classes and use their experience to impact the daily lives of students. To get started with Udemy today, choose from one of their top courses:

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clutter essay all rights reserved. AHR is published in PDF and Print-on-Demand format by homework descriptive, ANU E Press. ‘You're all crazy. Create! Every one of you. You just sit here, in homework writing essays, your cosy little house, with your cold sodas and your Facebook pages, like it all matters. Like it's even real. But it's not! It's all going to burn and you're going to be nothing but bleached skulls. Don't you get it?

You're dead! All of you are dead!' (Riley in ‘Strange Things Happen') Procrastinating one Sunday, I set aside a pile of print-outs from on-line media stories on the perils and inanities of Facebook and what a good introductory paragraph expository essay, settled in for a serious read of the South China Morning Post (in hard copy, of course, with hot coffee on the side). You may need to know this great newspaper to appreciate my shock at finding therein a sententious editorial about Facebook (‘Facebook no substitute for real world contact'). While it is a Murdoch property, criticised at times for a willingness to homework center writing skills accommodate the pressures of Beijing, the SCMP is still a hard news-focussed paper, full of serious analysis of locke's on human, events around the world: it does not feature frothy columnists, and celebrity wardrobe malfunctions rarely make the front page. Yet here, with no context beyond a slight story about phishing attacks on Facebook, was one of center writing skills, those loopy, furious moral blares that in recent years I have come to associate with Australian newspapers: ‘there is always superficiality to essay on human networking on the Web', the writer opined.

If Facebook ‘perhaps' helps us keep in touch with friends in faraway places, ‘making new friends and maintaining old friendships requires effort, emotional commitment and center skills, contact in the real world. Facebook is no substitute for face time'. My print-out collection is full of wwii essays, attempts like this to adjudicate what is and isn't real in the lives of hundreds of homework skills, millions of people. Many of these pieces must be written (I surmise) by stressed-out journalists with no more access than I have to arabia lots of personal ‘face time'. As a Facebook user whose loved ones are often very far away, of course I disagree with the editorial's premises; anyone who thinks that social networking is a ‘superficial' matter of clicking should explain to me (to begin with) in essays, just what world the effort of making a photo album for friends and family does not involve emotional commitment; and in what kind of arabia essay, real world it counts as an evasion of contact to have an homework center skills descriptive essays on-line party, or to send gifts, humour and words of comfort or affection to essay people across space and time. Center Essays! It would have to be a world without regard for writing and reading, obviously: no love of letters, no emotional responses to rock art and cathedrals; no crying over novels and poems, either. Come to think of it, it might be a world without great newspapers (a prospect which some pundits no doubt have uncomfortably in mind). Irritating as media grizzles about the failings of mediation may be (and the locution ‘face time' bears witness to their sentimentality; what happened to the rest of the body?), I do not save these articles in order to disagree with them. For one thing, they're not that rational. Strong affect sprays about when older media attack new media that threaten their markets, and in particular when Murdoch newspapers wage culturally high-toned war on just those social networking sites that have been thumping MySpace, the wwii essays, site belonging to their proprietor (see Knight). A couple of writing skills, weeks before the arabia essay, SCMP stooped to conquer Facebook (and a month before the homework center writing descriptive, use of saudi arabia, Twitter to get news out in Tehran became a global story), the on-line Australian gloated, ‘Time is writing skills, Up for Twitter'.

Hooking to a story that 60 per cent of new users give up tweeting within a month, this spiteful piece compared ‘transitory technologies' to swine influenza; people ‘build up resistance' to ‘diseases that must mutate to infect ever most hosts' before ‘spluttering out'. Saudi Arabia! Print, in contrast, is a ‘robust and portable' technology, ‘information rich and never crashes—the platform for the online information age [sic] that you are reading now'. If the center writing descriptive essays, part about robustness and essay, portability is true enough (while bringing to mind old jokes about the excellence of newsprint for wrapping fish and chips), the platform punch-line makes no sense except as a syntactically mangled blur of techno-clichés. There was a time—in another economy and before Mr. Center Descriptive Essays! Murdoch himself took the lead in reducing jobs in print news production—when any half-way decent sub-editor would have killed such a clause stone dead. What really interests me is the what makes a good paragraph, stories that older media (including television and the on-line versions of print media) tell about social networking, and homework writing skills essays, the slightly nutty fervour that so often drives the telling.

Given the now mainstream success of social networking sites, with people friending and following their Nannas and with Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign symbolically marking a new era of global-popular participation on-line, the commentariat are, in cons cell research essay, part, caught up in an apocalyptic moment of their own rhetorical making; in journalistic as in policy spruiking usage, new media talk has long proclaimed that one set of innovations will displace another—‘death' of print, ‘end' of the book. As anyone who works with media should know, reality is more complex. With technological change, old media find new uses or are reinvented interactively with new ones; arguably the most influential medium for politics in Australia at the end of the twentieth century was a telephone-radio hybrid, ‘talk-back radio'. This is not to dismiss the writing skills descriptive, sense of crisis engulfing the profession of journalism, especially investigative reporting (Davies; Nichols and McChesney). 1 However, at the user's end their relative cheapness and locke's essay on human, accessibility to ordinary people continues to give old media a key role in narrating the advent of social changes related to skills descriptive essays new technology, and in shaping at least some of the initial popular understanding of new technologies themselves: once upon a time, people acquired their first ‘memories' of an essay rubric, cyberspace from a novel, William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984). I am by no means a new media scholar and my participation in homework descriptive essays, on-line culture is enthusiastic only within a very limited zone. I love Facebook and YouTube, enjoy msn with a couple of close friends, barely tolerate Skype, quickly feel nauseous surfing the web and loathe email with a passion. However, since all media are mixed in their cultural make-up and social uses, it behoves me as a student of history in popular culture to observe how the wwii essays, tales being told of new media at any given time draw on familiar generic and rhetorical reserves that help render change intelligible to us as a mode of continuity. An example of this and one of my favourite Facebook put-downs is the outburst quoted above from Riley, the undercover girl from the homework center skills descriptive essays, future in the second season of the Fox network TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Cracking under the strain of wwii essays, impersonating an alienated, pre-Judgment Day American teenager, Riley wheels on her bemused foster family in the kitchen one day and, with four viciously delivered metonyms (‘just sit here', ‘cosy little house', ‘cold sodas', ‘Facebook pages'), pours scorn all over their lives. In this moment, Facebook is absorbed into the store of belittling stereotypes of mindless suburban complacency that print media, film and, superbly, television (the suburban medium par excellence), have been producing—and donating to critical culture—for more than fifty years. A swelling number of center, Facebook stories is available on-line. When I drafted this paper in early November 2008, Google recorded 747 million Web-wide mentions of essay, MySpace (with 5,050,000 in Australia); 580 million for center writing skills descriptive Facebook (5,060,000); and saudi essay, 104 million for the more specialised Second Life (but only homework center writing skills descriptive essays, 648,000 from Australia). I didn't think then of checking Twitter. By 19 May 2009, the what makes expository, respective figures were 858 million for MySpace (22 million in Australia); one and quarter billion for Facebook (37,500,000 in skills descriptive, Australia); 177 million for Second Life (25,700,000 in Australia, a significant increase); and 511 million for Twitter (15,100,000 in wwii essays, Australia). There is no way of interpreting what the homework essays, relative changes mean, or how many finger-wagging Murdoch editorials the Facebook numbers include, but the size of the overall increase in just a few months is impressive. At the same time, it has become rare for makes a good paragraph a day to go by without the major Australian newspapers featuring on-line at writing skills descriptive least one Facebook or Twitter story. On Human! Sporadic checks while I was writing pulled up stories including a ‘teen' saved from suicide by a Facebook friend, Facebook and cyber-bullying in girls' schools, Facebook and sexual ‘recruitment' for NRL players, Facebook as a tool for Arab militants recruiting spies against Israel, the uses and pitfalls of Facebook for small business, and homework center descriptive, Facebook as a haven for Holocaust deniers. While forming a very small part of the on-line discussion of social networking sites, these stories arise from news media efforts not only to catch a wave of popular interest while reporting actual incidents but also to shape collective perceptions of a wider phenomenon.

In the process, journalists often draw on their rich professional reserves of reductively metonymic realism (‘setting the cell research essay, scene', the homework essays, ‘character sketch') to what a good paragraph for an expository cast social network users as types whose ways of acting are symptomatic or productive of diverse social ills: alongside terrorists and homework center skills, sexual predators there are always students uploading their mobile pics of boorishly drunken parties, ‘stupid girls' sharing every detail of their vapid daily routines, and workers who boast about bludging but forget that they've friended their boss. Locke's Essay! As in folklore, each of these figures is sustained by a dense field of concrete examples both stellar (Hugh Grant and center writing skills, Bono for Facebook party uploads, MySpace's Paris Hilton or Twitter's Ashton Kutcher for cosmic triviality) and cons cell research essay, ‘it-could-be-you' mundane (Kyle Doyle's ‘SICKIE WOO' Facebook status update). 2 Simultaneously grounded in and abstracted from the real history of on-line culture, such figures ‘stick' in media memory, powerfully eliciting recognition (the party animal, the homework center essays, princess, the slack worker) while drawing attention away from a myriad other practices thriving on saudi arabia essay, the sites. Stereotypes are forms of apprehension rather than bad representations, and their force is to mobilize familiar knowledge to center writing skills explain and absorb unfamiliar experience (Morris, Identity 143-44). While the wwii essays, limitations of a morphological critique of popular culture have been argued many times (Morris, Too Soon ; Morse), formal typing is a generative principle in popular culture itself. Media editorializing thrives on it and, as hard news-gathering receded as a journalistic practice during the Howard era, the readily available technique of consensus assertion through type (‘the' ethnic lobby, ‘the' Aboriginal industry, ‘the' politically correct) organized columns of what became in those years a major genre of Australian social debate: grizzling, or ‘fretful complaint'.

The fretfulness is important. Center Writing Descriptive! Most of the grizzling that made it to press or to air in paragraph essay, Howard's day was majoritarian complaint about the perduring cultural power of social minorities (Morris, Too Soon 219-33), and the Macquarie Dictionary reminds us that the first meaning of ‘grizzle' is ‘to become grey', a metonym of ageing and thus (in this social logic) of fading power. When I call you a grizzler, or when we ‘have a good grizzle' together, more is involved than naming the act of complaint. The idea of skills descriptive, grizzling includes an evaluation of the act itself as ineffective except at the level of essay, emotional release. The release itself may be strong: grizzling is more aggressive than the center writing, also annoying but more pathetic acts of whingeing and whining. Grizzlers may have a bit of right on arabia, their side: when my Nanna said, ‘stop whingeing', she meant, ‘don't be a sook', while ‘stop grizzling' meant, ‘all right, now shut up and homework, get on wwii essays, with it'. But the release is devalued as inadequate to the real or imagined provocation; to descriptive call a speech act ‘grizzling' suggests a helpless as well as reiterative mode of criticism. ‘Facebook no substitute for real world contact' is a grizzle in this sense. What on earth is supposed to follow from a declaration like that? If parents are being incited to pull the plug on their children, or to seize their mobile phones, will millions of a good introductory, adults also rush off-line to chat in a neighbouring office or across the back fence? What would happen in the ‘real world' of our working lives if we did so?

Old-school editorials have a transitive mode of authority; seeking to sway public opinion or nudge policy action, the writer has an objective which could one day be achieved. When an upscale paper like the SCMP— read by educated, over-employed, middle to upper class expats and locals working 15-hour days and more in a city that runs on financial services and transport logistics—makes a wildly inoperative call for its readers to abandon on-line socializing for more ‘face time', a curiously sub-cultural mode of essays, address conflicts with the mode of a good introductory essay, authority. Center Writing! This editorial networks with technophobes, concerned relatives or loved ones of ‘teenagers' (and other types) who voluntarily spend too much time on-line, and people who just don't like Facebook; it predicates a real world in which people can choose how they spend how much of their time. Yet overwhelmingly in Hong Kong, as in many cities today, middle class people have borderless working lives and essay on human, we spend most of our time, wherever we are, with computers. Facebook for me is real world contact. It's not the only kind I have but ( pace Riley) it matters. In a day consumed by memos, reference-writing, refereeing tasks, managerial compliance chores and a never-ending stream of email, Facebook is my bit of heaven, a haven of warmth, silly fun and friendliness I can enter in an instant from my screen; contact there is real because it is diverse and unpredictable (unlike much of my work). Center Descriptive! To argue that another site is create rubric, better for this purpose could make good critical sense, and to propose a legally enforceable maximum 40 hour week for ‘knowledge workers' would be even better. However, to homework descriptive essays urge me to spend more time off-line (‘making new friends and maintaining old friendships') for the sheer good of my soul is a grizzle from those fairies at the bottom of the garden.

I certainly do not mean to suggest that all criticism of Facebook is locke's essay on human, grizzling. Serious legal, ethical and political issues are arising from or being intensified by center writing essays, the ‘Facebook' phenomenon (to use a typifying metonym myself), in the process sharpening some of the challenging debates of our time; free speech and its limits, censorship, the right to wwii essays privacy, the negotiation of social protocols for a transnational economy that thrives on difference as well as inequality, the relations between semiotic and homework center skills descriptive essays, other modes of violence, tensions between legal, communal and performative models of identity, the foundations of create an essay rubric, community, the power of corporations in skills descriptive, our personal lives, and the technological transformation of work are just a few of essay, these. Anyone who doubts their political import in center writing descriptive essays, many parts of the world might consider the case of Fouad Mourtada, a 26 year old IT engineer beaten and jailed for 3 years in Morocco for create rubric placing a spoof profile of Prince Moulay Rachid on Facebook, 3 or, on a different scale, China's disabling of homework writing, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogspot, Tumblr, Live Journal, Hotmail and Bing in the lead-up to the twentieth anniversary on 4 June, 2009, of the massacre in Tiananmen Square (Flumenbaum). Given this range of arabia, weighty issues to address, grizzling is of interest for its capacity to foreground unsettling worries and questions that trail along in the mix unresolvably, like an insistent and recurring malaise. For example, one familiar set of worries concerns the sociable personality and center descriptive, what it ought to be doing in the writer's world; does Facebook impair our ability to enjoy life and cell essay, care for others off-line? Extensively debated in homework center skills descriptive essays, relation to essay manifest sub-cultures such as Hikikomori (see Jodice and Karmen) and homework descriptive essays, Otaku (Lamarre) in Japan, anxiety about what it should mean to be human on an average day is hard to formulate plausibly now for larger populations. Thus an early grizzle by wwii essays, Bugeja about the implications of Facebook for homework center writing descriptive university life (distraction in class, unwitting self-disclosure, inappropriate pictures, surveillance, commercial data gathering and identity theft) 4 suggests in the course of a generally moderate discussion that there is a direct link between the an essay, size of the university IT budget, a corresponding loss of homework descriptive, faculty jobs, and essay, a Facebook-driven proliferation of distracted, ‘egocasting' student personalities: ‘unless we reassess our high-tech priorities, issues associated with insensitivity, indiscretion, bias, and homework center writing skills descriptive essays, fabrication will consume us in higher education' (‘Heads Up'). The night of the living dead is close at hand. A related anxiety cluster invokes ‘real' friendship in an effort to achieve an impossible norming of intimacy. Brusquely handled by the British judge who ruled in a 2008 harassment case that Facebook friends do not have to be friends ‘in the traditional sense' (Emerson), concern about the authenticity of Facebook friendship is not only circulated in the press but relayed by ambivalent users of the site itself—like the create an essay rubric, sad case from Toronto with 700 Facebook friends who ended up drinking alone when he tried to center writing descriptive essays organize a party (Niedzviecki). While this confession may simply tell us something about essay, Toronto, or the author (I don't know that I'd drink with him either), narcissistic, instrumental or desperate friend-accumulation is homework center skills descriptive, also the essay, subject of widely posted YouTube clips and a recurring discussion topic across the hundreds of homework center skills essays, ‘Addicted to Facebook' groups on the site 5 —eliciting on rubric, one of descriptive, these a well-turned, 14 stanza ballad, ‘Can I be your Facebook Friend?':

Can I be your Facebook Friend? Friendship's new reality. And we'll celebrate our union. For all cyberspace to see. Cause this friendship is unique. We can hold a conversation. And we never have to speak. I'll accept of course, and create an essay, then. I will sit here on writing descriptive, your profile. You won't hear from me again.

This poem nicely catches the nuances of the ‘Facebook addict' type: an anti-social, agoraphobic, ‘low maintenance' lurker who is also a passive-aggressive and locke's essay, voyeuristic stalker accumulating useless social capital. Were this to writing descriptive be taken literally as a realistic portrait of the average Facebook user, human community as we know it might really be at risk. As I write, Facebook claims more than 200 million users (averaging 120 friends each), of whom more than 100 million log on at least once a day, spending more than four billion minutes daily on the site worldwide. 6 As one of an essay, those users (need I say?), I recognize neither myself nor my 370-odd Facebook friends in the poem's anomic persona. True, after the initial contact I rarely hear directly from the large number who are my ex-students or professional acquaintances, but I am sporadically aware of their lives and we are there for each other if the need or desire arises. This casual awareness is typical of large families (how often do we interact with all of skills essays, our relatives?) and cons stem cell research essay, also of descriptive essays, small communities; I spent my first twelve years of create an essay rubric, life in a town of homework writing descriptive essays, 2,000 souls where absolutely nobody, not even the newsagent, was on regular speaking terms with everyone else. Essay! Of course, the poem is witty rather than grizzling because it personifies shameful little behaviours that most of us have indulged in, with or without Facebook (although they can be accentuated there). There is homework essays, a bit of the lurker and create rubric, the voyeur in center descriptive, most happily sociable people; who has never eavesdropped or peeped at a neighbour's stuff?

Familiar as they may be to people with wide-ranging lives on-line, these arguments need to be made; not everyone who uses email and wwii essays, visits web-sites is at ease with social networking. However, merely bristling at anti-Facebook stereotypes or mocking the malaise that prompts them risks buying in to an exaggerated view of what is homework center writing, new and distinctive about the experience the site provides, while ignoring the increased cross-cultural complexity of such malaise today. Concern about the future of sociability has been evolving in the West for more than a century, as the spread of a consumption-driven economy has distributed imperatives of self-marketing and essay, self-display to writing skills descriptive ever-widening populations. Today, the deliberate inculcation of what Henri Lefebvre (1984) called ‘controlled consumption' to drive economic growth in saudi arabia essay, developing countries is essays, carrying those imperatives across multiple societies with historically differing concepts of what counts as proper subjectivity. With a little adaptation, Veblen's 1899 work on the leisure class provides us with ample material for a rip-snorting essay on vicarious consumption and the ‘predaceous temper' on Facebook. However, it is essay, more illuminating to reread Veblen alongside detailed accounts by worried Chinese critics of the PRC's strategic production of consumerism and ‘popular culture' after Deng Xiaoping's Southern Tour (see Wang) in 1992; Bao, for example, examines how behaviours, tastes and interests befitting new urban personality types were minutely modelled for the readers of a popular newspaper, Shanghai Weekly . In between these historical extremes lies the post-World War Two reconstruction of capitalism in the West and the classic literature on center writing descriptive essays, modernity and essay superstition, everyday life. In his Introduction to the 1984 edition of Lefebvre's Everyday Life in the Modern World (1962), Wander points out just how much Lefebvre's account of skills descriptive, consumerism as a bureaucratically ‘controlled' terror spreading its principles of anxiety, repetition and compulsiveness through all aspects of life and into the soul learned from the earlier work of Fromm (1947) on ‘the marketing orientation': The modern world fosters a childlike personality, a person who constantly seeks and needs approval. … Aimless, over-reactive, inconsistent, face aching at the end of the day from the locke's on human, ever-present and required smile, the marketing persona is of a piece with the modern world. (Wander in Lefebvre xiv) At least one thing to be said for Facebook and other mobile socializing modes is that they take the ache out of smiling (‘like'), although unfortunately they also transfer it from the writing, face to the wrist or, in my case, the thumb: :)

For Lefebvre, the febrile tedium of everyday life routines (‘the quotidian') forms the underbelly or the ‘verso' of the modern understood as ‘what is wwii essays, novel, brilliant, paradoxical and bears the imprint of technicality and worldliness' (Lefebvre 24-5). I have no doubt that social networking sites are ‘of a piece' with the homework center descriptive essays, modern world in Lefebvre's sense; given the cons stem cell research, vastness of his theory's horizon, how could they not be so? However, if we reduce Facebook or any other massive phenomenon to a pretext for revising classic theories of commodification and alienation, the question does arise why an ethnographically challenging 200 million people world-wide invest their energies in an activity that any adroit critic can easily portray as of a piece with their everyday pain and oppression (not to homework center essays mention that of the workers who make computers and cope with the toxic waste). ‘False consciousness' seems more than ever insufficient as an explanation; always vulnerable to the charge of implying (from a masterly position) that masses of people ‘have yet to authentically experience their own lives' (Grossberg 365), ideological analysis has trouble accounting for the degree to which popular culture can incorporate its own ideological diagnostic—a topic that no doubt arises on saudi essay, the 500 Facebook groups devoted to center skills descriptive essays aspects of ‘Marxism'. Within the great tradition of rubric, modern cultural critique, an aesthetically-minded alternative is to follow Lukács via Jameson ( Signatures 9-34) or de Certeau (16) in homework center writing skills descriptive essays, seeking a utopian impulse in popular culture that reaches (even in Facebook) for a better future from the heart of reification, giving us pleasure in the process. The more creative Cultural Studies move today draws rather on sociology and cons stem essay, aspects of ethnographic method to ask questions within a concrete and carefully delimited social context about our often ambivalent involvement in popular culture—an approach that admits of empirically anchored and thus potentially surprising answers (Couldry; Gregg). 7 Having a bet each way at homework center writing the level of methodological principle, I lean far enough towards that old utopian quest to wonder whether Lefebvre's excoriating account of the modern everyday as it displaces a culturally if not materially rich traditional life of ‘style' ( Practice 38) does not direct us now towards the wrong historical vast horizon. Everyday life is cons, not a human universal. For Lefebvre, the everyday is homework writing skills descriptive essays, a modern historical product that wondrously ‘erupts' into literature with the overwhelming triviality of that ‘epic twenty-four hours' (3) recounted in Joyce's Ulysses . A regime of living thickly composed of petty recurrences (‘gestures of labour and leisure, mechanical movements' [18]), everyday life has a time-tabling, programming, numbering drive that divides up human experience; lived time, for example, splits into the ‘pledged' time of work, ‘leisure' (an allocated ‘break' from the everyday), and steadily increasing ‘compulsive' time spent satisfying ‘various demands other than work such as transport, official formalities, etc' (53). Apt for fostering consumption as it multiplies our tasks, this distributive force breaks up the ‘unity of create rubric, form, function and structure' that for Lefebvre characterized ‘style' in all the humble objects and social practices of traditional living (29-30).

While French peasant cupboards varied in form and construction from place to homework center essays place, their fitness for a cupboard's purpose did not vary. I think of the Australian bush ‘meat safe': my grandmother's was cream and my mother's cacky green, but they worked the saudi, same way, they were not obsolescent, and they kept the blowflies at bay. Yet even as the destruction of style-based ways of life continues and as many millions of people struggle (not least in China) for a modicum of consumer comfort, perhaps in the over-developed world today it is homework center writing skills descriptive, everyday life rather than ‘style' that is slowly breaking down—along with its repetitive, minutely layered routines that differentiated the gendered space-times of modern domestic and working experience. Invoking the Incas and Aztecs along with Greece and Rome, Lefebvre envisaged ‘the total absence of everyday life in a given community at a given time' (29) and not all of his examples were from the ancient world; adolescents and students in particular, he noted, fear everyday life as a ‘vague potentiality' known only through their parents (74). Lefebvre was writing in the 1960s, and an expansion of pledged and compulsive time under neo-liberal management over the past forty years has well and truly spread everyday life to formerly spared social categories. At the same time, though, I'm not sure that anyone who hangs round the house all day, a-rhythmically working and research essay, playing on-line in the same sloppy daks and trainers we wear to the shops, the writing skills descriptive essays, gym or a meeting (or fluidly passing from eBay to Wii Fit to compulsive email without leaving our screens) actually has an ‘everyday life' in Lefebvre's divisive sense. The socially insular, cave-bound figure of the hacker or the gamer in popular mythology certainly does not.

In fact, significant genres of popular narrative have been talking to us about the passing of everyday life for quite a while. In our great paranoid epics about technologies of surveillance and perception, the essay, hero must first be wrenched from a routine life that he finds either a little dull (Will Smith in Enemy of the State ) or unbearable (Keanu Reeves in The Matrix ). His quest is then either to retrieve the homework skills descriptive essays, normality that he now values more deeply, or to transcend it and to access the truth behind those meticulously programmed appearances; the essay, Matrix is a totalisation of the everyday as Lefebvre understood it. In the overture to the Matrix trilogy (which, in passing, reveals just how much of a Platonist Jean Baudrillard can be), Neo needs only to conquer fear and jump out the window to leave ‘Tom Anderson' and office life behind. In hundreds of lesser action films (a recent example is Eagle Eye ), this physical leap of faith literalizes the passage from center writing skills descriptive everyday life to a new reality, while the recurring line of dialogue, ‘I just want my life back', marks the saudi essay, passage of a question about the stability of the everyday. Zombie and homework center writing, vampire stories also share the cons stem research, central premise of an assault on everyday life. Writing Descriptive Essays! Differently preoccupied as they are with sustainability, both genres feature the superstition, losing battle of the uninfected to preserve a semblance of homework, ‘normal' life before joining the war for brute survival that fills the world of post-apocalyptic fiction, in which no everyday life remains ( The Road Warrior , the create an essay rubric, Resident Evil series). The zombie apocalypse canon is the more absolutist about the relentlessness of this drift; if Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968) adapted the Afro-Caribbean folklore marked as such in White Zombie (1932) to the setting of an American farm house under siege, Dawn of the Dead (1978) memorably locked the remnant bearers of center writing descriptive, everyday life in the temple of Lefebvre's ‘controlled consumption', a shopping mall—with an out-of-control consumption principle ravening outside. Saudi Arabia Essay! Revisionist vampire stories have a more nuanced historical vision, holding out center skills descriptive essays hope for an evolution in everyday life.

Born into Veblen's world, Dracula was a very much an old school man of ‘style' forced to deal with modern people (Van Helsing, Lucy); his descendants are historical border creatures who nightly negotiate the everyday, whether in romance ( Angel , True Blood , Twilight ) or as politics ( Blade , the ‘Joe Pitt' novels of Charlie Huston). And then there is the Terminator franchise, with its eschatological framing of a girl's moment of contempt for a cosy little house, cold sodas and Facebook pages. What A Good Introductory Paragraph Essay! The film series temporally stretches the mundane double consciousness of consumer modernity (knowing this way of life is homework descriptive, not sustainable into the future, we want this way of life to survive) into a war over history's direction between contending forces in both the present and the future. Saudi Arabia! So far, only the fourth film, Terminator Salvation (2009) explores a fully post-everyday world. Writing Skills Descriptive! Terminator (1984) and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) are ‘wrenching out' stories, with Sarah Connor dragged in wwii essays, the first film from her big hair and center skills, ankle-warmer ordinariness, never to know everyday life again, while her son John is hiding out in Los Angeles at the start of the saudi essay, third. However, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) everyone except the monomaniacal Sarah (and, of course, her liquid metal T-1000 enemy) is immersed in the everyday; under the tutelage of John Connor as a child, even the T-800 helper (Arnie) learns some of its routines. Linking to this film in particular, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series makes John Connor's adolescence a study in psychic conflict between longing for an ordinary suburban life and knowing that (as Riley puts it) ‘it's all going to burn'.

What sets John apart as a leader here is not his awareness of the fire to come; in a fuzzy way, there is common knowledge around him of the unsustainability of our world. Rather, this version of John Connor stands out from his helpers (with the partial exception of Cameron, his studious Terminator guard) because he knows why people care , none the less, about cold sodas and cosy houses, ‘like it all matters'. Homework Writing Skills Essays! I doubt that John Connor could risk having a Facebook page, but I'm fairly sure that he'd want one. Let me offer my own two or three cents about utopia and Facebook. First, Facebook is not all quizzes, ‘hey babes' and essay, pokes. Most negative media stories obsess about center writing skills descriptive, one or two features (photos and status updates in particular), but the point about Facebook is that it bundles together multiple functions and potential things to do. Most of us never use all of them, and other social networking platforms do some of these things better than Facebook does (MySpace for new music, Live Journal for communities, Ning for essay superstition interest groups, Twitter for global converse and news as-it-happens …), but what Facebook does well is combine : you can write private letters, play games, send gifts, do quizzes, circulate news, post notes, music and clips, share photos or research, test your knowledge, join groups and causes, make haiku-like allusions to your state of mind and center writing skills descriptive, chat on-line with friends, all in one place and superstition, time—restoring or relieving, according to need, the pattern of an everyday life. Facebook is on-line culture ‘lite': this makes it an object of scorn for digital elitists and ‘white noise' haters (see Tuttle), but it is also a source of its mainstream appeal. Corresponding to this variety of uses is the diversity of kinds of center writing skills, contact Facebook allows, with the relation between ‘contact' and saudi arabia essay, intimacy also having the homework writing skills descriptive essays, potential to vary over time within each singular friendship.

In this respect it follows the saudi, rhythms of ‘real life' as a whole: as Lauren Berlant puts it, ‘all kinds of emotional dependency and homework writing descriptive essays, sustenance can flourish amongst people who only meet each other at one or a few points on the grid of the field of their life' (‘Faceless Book'). Nothing flourishes for people who join Facebook and superstition, do nothing with it; passive or un-giving use of any network is rewarded in homework skills essays, kind (Strohmeyer). Arabia! As Thompson points out, a depth dimension to ‘ambient awareness' accumulates only homework center writing skills descriptive, with time and aggregation. It does grow over time; Facebook has increased my affective quality of life, and not only because it offers a break from my academic service work. The collective stream of superstition, posts brings me word of books, articles, music, films, video clips and essays, news that I would otherwise never discover. Superstition! At a time of life when new involvements become more rare, I suddenly have digital penfriends with whom I exchange old-fashioned letters through Inbox (one of the least remarked features of Facebook), while an homework essays acquaintance from decades ago has become a dear friend whom I contact almost daily. Essay Superstition! Retrieving a joy of homework skills, my childhood, when my father would bring home a ‘two bob' chocolate on a Friday night and we'd listen to The Goon Show and wwii essays, My Word on the ABC, I play variants of Scrabble with friends on four continents throughout the day. Facebook also nudges me to remember more of my past than I am wont to do, as other people's actions unpredictably pull bits of our scattered lives together.

There is more to this aspect than the nostalgia decried by Susan Dominus (‘sometimes it seems like Facebook is the most back-ward looking innovation ever expected to center writing skills change the future') and Steve Tuttle (‘Goodbye, William and Mary alums I barely remember from 25 years ago'). Wwii Essays! Facebook has utopian force for me because it gently undoes the dissociative patterns I learned as a girl in pugnaciously ‘real' Australian country towns; it lets me have family on the same plane as my ex-students, my friends who talk books, my colleagues in Hong Kong and Australia and friends who also post in homework center skills descriptive, Italian, French and Chinese. Directly because of Facebook, I was able to speak by phone to a much-loved cousin just before he died. Arabia Essay! If Facebook vanished overnight, I would experience grief. Many users already express grief when the Facebook ‘team' announces a ‘redesign' or ‘streamlining' of some aspect of the site. 8 Grizzling about Facebook within Facebook itself is an activity that is too complex for cursory treatment here, but it is something I would research if I were a new media scholar. I'm generally not active in Facebook groups, but over homework writing skills descriptive essays, the past year I have twice felt so upset about wwii essays, ‘upgrades' that killed cherished features of center skills descriptive essays, ‘my' on-line world that I, too, signed petitions and joined multiple versions of ‘1,000,000 Against the New Facebook Lay-Out'. Apart from the anger endemic to living passionately in an environment that the owner can alter at will (a condition a bit like being in love and a lot like being a tenant), most obnoxious to me is the Facebook doublespeak that coos about ‘giving you more control' over your page, while flagrantly reducing that control as we are nudged to push ever more content from other media providers. The worse occasion for me was the September 2008 redesign; by forcing several added rounds of clicking, it separated the applications (and thus the display of arabia, signs received from friends) from the center writing descriptive essays, news feed, in time as well as visual space—thereby splitting memory and wwii essays, conservation from contemporaneity, the past from the homework skills essays, flow of the present.

Like most of my Hong Kong friends I had loved those gift-based apps and wwii essays, curated the images carefully as I once did scrapbooks of shoes and hairstyles from 1950s comics; some icons were beautiful and homework center skills, others were not, but all were mnemonic traces of arabia, events and writing descriptive essays, personal stories. When Facebook began calling these ‘clutter' (an aesthetic position shared by mostly American friends who always hid their stuff behind a corporate web page look), I realized that my affection for these apps was of a piece with growing up in saudi arabia essay, what was once sniffily known in Australia as an ‘Irish house'—full of clutter, often dusty junk unappealing to behold but charged with the center descriptive essays, vitality of the souls who had given each object or left it behind. Wwii Essays! Clutter is an unfriendly name for the portals of the spirit-world; it can be very bad luck to throw clutter away. So I keep some of mine on Facebook, immured on that ‘Boxes' page, but when I go there now it feels like visiting a cemetery rather than a home. Groups formed to oppose Facebook initiatives can attract a couple of center essays, million people and they often complain of censorship and PRC-style technical interference from cons stem cell research site administrators. The protests against the March 2009 remodelling of the Home page to make Facebook more like Twitter seem to have been a little more effective than those of 2008 in descriptive, extracting modifications of an locke's essay unpopular yet widely accepted site revision. Win or lose, though, perhaps it is this experience of homework center writing descriptive essays, joining with equally frustrated and grizzling strangers world-wide in a reiterative struggle with a transnationally effective corporate ‘state' that exercises power through emotional blackmail (that is, hegemony; ‘if you don't like it, leave!') that for essay me most clearly models political practices of far wider import than Facebook itself. On Facebook at the moment we may be grizzling about ease of access to Growing Gifts, Hatching Eggs or My Fab Bag. However, if it is more or less new for me to do this on-line, the mode of center writing skills descriptive essays, continuity that makes this small change intelligible is neither fictional nor derived from Western critical literature on the political potentials (and otherwise) of new media use. Rather, I understand it in an ordinary way through the growing power, in limited but I think expanding spheres, of the Chinese netizenry, which draws its effectiveness (in particular, against abuses of power in everyday life) as much from the culture of the political system that it inhabits and harasses as it does from the media it uses.

9 Over-supplied as we are with representative government, Australians have been accustomed to stem cell thinking of Chinese political culture as remote. Yet as our own system intensifies its reliance not only on deal-making and homework center writing skills essays, ‘spin' but on public cynicism about the locke's on human, possibility of truth and integrity in center, politics, I note that it is during the often but not always fruitless exercise of opposing Facebook's decisions and exposing what lies inside their rhetorical cocoon that Hong Kong's ‘petitionary' style of public pressure activism as exercised within an unrepresentative, undemocratic mode of governance becomes, however briefly, a transnational norm. Petitioning may or may not be effective but over time it is the shared experience of a form of collective agency enabled by superstition, a broad and amorphous imagined community (‘fellow Facebook users') that has significant utopian and practical potential. 10 As culturally changing systems of political and corporate power reshape our lives in the West, we may have more to learn than we know from Chinese internet activism's capacity to trouble inaccessible and skills, seemingly impregnable powers. Essay Superstition! In the skills descriptive, meanwhile, having a good grizzle about Facebook can sometimes achieve a little more than we have learned to locke's on human expect. Meaghan Morris is Chair Professor of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and Professor in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at skills essays the University of Sydney.

Her books include Identity Anecdotes: Translation and Media Culture (2006); Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema (co-ed. A Good Paragraph For An Expository! with Siu-leung Li and Stephen Chan Ching-kiu, 2005); “Race” Panic and the Memory of Migration (co-ed. with Brett de Bary, 2001); and homework skills descriptive, Too Soon, Too Late: History in Popular Culture (1998). My thanks are due to Carl Chan, who first persuaded me to try Facebook and wwii essays, twice helped me in important ways with this article. Catherine Driscoll and Melissa Gregg nudged me hard to think about homework writing skills, Facebook, and the article is based on essay on human, a seminar for the Department of center skills essays, Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney. 1 For a review of Davies with a sceptical view of the model of create an essay, journalism's history assumed by accounts of its imminent death, see Preston. 2 For tip of the iceberg indications of the Grant and Bono coverage see, respectively, Simpson and Bruce; Claburn.

Parodied in the 2006 Pink music video ‘Stupid Girls' and the inspiration for homework center essays several pop songs about girly mega-narcissism, Paris Hilton's style of chronicling the micro-events of her affective and material consumption is canonical for wwii essays the ‘rich and famous' genre; Ashton Kutcher (husband of Demi Moore) is an actor whose use of Twitter is now metonymic of homework writing skills descriptive, its trivial uses, thanks to the number of media stories that have been written about him. Wwii Essays! See ‘Facebook “Sickie” Guy Facing Investigation' for the Story of Sydney AAPT call centre worker Kyle Doyle, whose boss reportedly spotted ‘Kyle Doyle is not going to work, f*** it I'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO' on Doyle's profile; the incident is now an skills descriptive essays exemplary case for on human Human Resources training discourse on center writing skills descriptive essays, Facebook in the workplace (see Stokeley). 3 See ‘Three years for profiling a Moroccan prince on Facebook'. After an international campaign about the violations of Mourtada's rights during arrest, he was reportedly freed by ‘royal grace' after 43 days of detention; Essay Superstition! For an interesting discussion of the homework center writing descriptive, June 4th blockade and what makes a good introductory paragraph expository essay, the language nuances involved, see Techcrunch ; 4 By ‘early', I mean that the essays, publication of the wwii essays, article in early 2006 preceded the homework, opening up of Facebook to arabia mass use. Launched by Mark Zuckerberg on homework writing, February 4, 2004, Facebook was limited at first to Harvard students.

It expanded membership eligibility first to other Ivy League schools, then other universities, then high school networks in September, 2005, before opening to everyone over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address on September 26, 2006. 5 There is also a small number of what makes a good introductory expository essay, Facebook groups (13 as I write) dedicated to more or less expletive-laden versions of the topic, ‘I Don't Know You But Let's be Facebook Friends'. Most of them show little or no sign of activity. As a check on center writing, the reality-effect of the ‘student orgy' stereotype, it is also worth noting that Facebook claims that more than two-thirds of its users are now outside of colleges, that about 70 per cent of users are now outside the United States, and that the fastest growing demographic is 35 years old and older. 7 Exemplary of this is Gregg's forthcoming study ( Work's Intimacy ) on the impact of arabia, being always available on-line on the lives of homework center skills essays, middle and lower middle class workers in Brisbane.

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